Because mine is pretty damn marvelous.
Note: If this entire blog seems rather unorganized and spastic that’s because…it is.

I don’t blog very often. I am blogging right now because my Puppy has completely blown me away and continues to do so every day.

Where to start, where to start….
Motion has now run a grand total of 6 days of competitive agility and is already in Open JWW! How cool is that?!
For those of you who watched his last video, which included his first ever novice standard run, you might remember that he completely ran around both the dogwalk AND the aframe! How fun! …that can be explained by him not being taught how to *do* said obstacles. That’s understandable, right? Right. We’re in the process of learning running contacts. Much to my surprise, they’re coming along nicely! We first started them back in…November? maybe? that sounds sort of right. We struggled. We failed. We took a few months off and tried again in…April? maybe? sure. and VIOLA! It’s like magic. He’s not struggling at all, in fact he’s doing REALLY well! When we do hit bumps they are small problems that he works out on his own over the course of a few sessions. The other day a friend asked how his dogwalk was coming along. I responded with “above mediocre. below spectacular.” apparently Motion didn’t appreciate that very much, because later that day when we did dogwalks he did above and beyond spectacular. After a few mediocre reps he threw down perfect splitting reps over and OVER again. Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.

I wish I was better about having someone video my training sessions with him. He is absolutely fabulous every time and I really wish had videos to share with everyone. I will try to get better at that, because otherwise everyone will be seriously lacking in Motion videos until….October! Yes! We are taking the rest of the summer (yes, in south Texas, August and September DO count as summer thank you very much.) off from trialing because I am WAY too busy with life and such. So, we will resume trialing in October with an AKC trial on TURF!!! We have never run on turf before. I am way excited. Then we have a whole bunch of USDAA trials lined up (with a few AKC here and there) which I don’t feel guilty about, since WiFi is 100% qualified for 2013 AKC Nationals!
PS: We made a movie! While I’m talking about how impressive my puppy has been, I really should talk about that too. I am planning on writing another blog just about the movie, because it was a very interesting experience, so stay tuned. It’ll happen….eventually.

I think I’m done rambling for now.