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Because mine is pretty damn marvelous.
Note: If this entire blog seems rather unorganized and spastic that’s because…it is.

I don’t blog very often. I am blogging right now because my Puppy has completely blown me away and continues to do so every day.

Where to start, where to start….
Motion has now run a grand total of 6 days of competitive agility and is already in Open JWW! How cool is that?!
For those of you who watched his last video, which included his first ever novice standard run, you might remember that he completely ran around both the dogwalk AND the aframe! How fun! …that can be explained by him not being taught how to *do* said obstacles. That’s understandable, right? Right. We’re in the process of learning running contacts. Much to my surprise, they’re coming along nicely! We first started them back in…November? maybe? that sounds sort of right. We struggled. We failed. We took a few months off and tried again in…April? maybe? sure. and VIOLA! It’s like magic. He’s not struggling at all, in fact he’s doing REALLY well! When we do hit bumps they are small problems that he works out on his own over the course of a few sessions. The other day a friend asked how his dogwalk was coming along. I responded with “above mediocre. below spectacular.” apparently Motion didn’t appreciate that very much, because later that day when we did dogwalks he did above and beyond spectacular. After a few mediocre reps he threw down perfect splitting reps over and OVER again. Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.

I wish I was better about having someone video my training sessions with him. He is absolutely fabulous every time and I really wish had videos to share with everyone. I will try to get better at that, because otherwise everyone will be seriously lacking in Motion videos until….October! Yes! We are taking the rest of the summer (yes, in south Texas, August and September DO count as summer thank you very much.) off from trialing because I am WAY too busy with life and such. So, we will resume trialing in October with an AKC trial on TURF!!! We have never run on turf before. I am way excited. Then we have a whole bunch of USDAA trials lined up (with a few AKC here and there) which I don’t feel guilty about, since WiFi is 100% qualified for 2013 AKC Nationals!
PS: We made a movie! While I’m talking about how impressive my puppy has been, I really should talk about that too. I am planning on writing another blog just about the movie, because it was a very interesting experience, so stay tuned. It’ll happen….eventually.

I think I’m done rambling for now.


Raise the Bar High

Hey, it’s 2012! And it’s going to be better than 2011. Now that it’s out there, I’m off to make it happen.

First things first, Reno! WiFi’s going to Reno! and she will be awesome. *We* will be awesome. I’m not sure how to elaborate on that, but when I figure it out, I will post again.

Next, Motion’s big boy agility is about to be in full swing! His running dogwalk is coming along very nicely. Sometime in mid-January I will begin teaching him to jump! (How fun!) and sometime after that we will begin tackling 2×2 weave poles! Woo! This will all be *very* fun, I am sure. I’ve never trained running contacts, or actually *taught* jumping, or used the 2×2 method, so I am looking forward to the long adventure ahead of us.

PS: Motion has a tentative debut date. It is in Belton, April 14th! I already know it’s so early, and he won’t be ready. And there will be crashes, and burns…and smiles, and laughter. And learning. I don’t think anything beats ring time. Period. So even if we only run JWW and FAST and don’t run either course right or do *anything* right for that matter, who cares? Because it will be a learning experience.

So happy new year! Go forth and be awesome. Because I will.

Motion Teeter 2o2o

YouTube blocked my video in England and Ireland 😦 But I don’t think they can block it if I embed it elsewhere, so I’m giving it a try 🙂


Holy crap! Motion just went herding and rocked it! There’s something about watching a dog do what it was bred for that is just absolutely fascinating. Watching him just turn on to those sheep the moment he saw them was such a unique thing to see, I don’t think there is anything quite like it. Today was both mine, and Motion’s first time doing anything herding related, which is probably why I am so fascinated by it. 🙂 anyways, I got videos, and a friend took pictures, so here they are!How cool is he?

Perfect Imperfections

Wow. I am so impressed with Motion. He is exactly what I always wanted, and I wouldn’t change a single thing about my handsome little man. He’s sweet, and obnoxious, all at the same time. He cuddles, and takes up 75% of my bed (which is why he still sleeps in a crate.) He always wants to work, but afterwords, he’s willing to lay down and just be cute, except for those times where he just stares at you and barks his little weenie baby-dog bark. He is a master of pushing other dogs buttons, just to see what happens, but when bad things happen, he goes back to his weenie self, and gives up. He could never hurt a fly, even if he wanted to, because even when he tries to bite any living creature, he fails and just ends up setting his teeth lightly on the skin. Both pointless, and cute.

Anyways…he is brilliant. He almost always picks things up RIGHT away, and just knows when he’s right. And, he hates to be wrong.


This is where he fails. He understands to get on the board, but he doesn’t understand the concept of moving his back feet, while his front feet remain stationary. *sigh* So, while we continue to work on that….we are going to remember that although he hasn’t mastered this..YET, he has mastered spin, twist, shake, high five, sit, drop, give, come, stay, spin on a pot, and he can get in a box! (Impressive, right? 😉 )

So to wrap it all up, he’s perfect for me being not perfect. That doesn’t make sense at all, but oh well.

Go LocoMotion! 🙂


I made a blog!

I made this blog for a couple of reasons:

1. A good friend of mine, Katie Johnson, is moving to Oregon the week before I get my puppy. She made me promise that I would post at least one picture every day of said puppy. I figured this would be a good place to do so. So if you ever need a puppy fix, here is a great place to get it! (Puppy pictures will begin showing up on March 14th.)

2. As mentioned above, I’m getting a puppy in five weeks! I want this puppy to be the best he can be at everything we try. So, in order to make this happen, I will be posting my training methods/ideas, why I’m using that method, and how my progress is going with it! I would REALLY, REALLY, REALLY appreciate advice, tips, ideas, or anything else that you think would produce better results for what I am looking for! So PLEASE. Pretty please, share your thoughts, ideas, and methods with me. I ❤ input.

2a. As a result of getting all these great ideas, I hope that other readers looking for better training methods will benefit from this too!

3. Also, I think a blog is just one more great way to meet other agility handlers! I’m always happy to meet a new person who shares my passion, so don’t be shy, I don’t bite 🙂

“I aspire to be the person my dogs think I am.”